Saints & Sinners Review...

You've heard of the Saints & Sinners Ball but whats it all about...?

The underlying major factor for Saints & Sinners is the theme, every event has a different theme and dressing up in costume is what its all about. 95% of patrons do dress-up and some put in exceptional efforts in creating a sexy costume.

The venue is announced just prior to the date of the event but is generally a standard city nightclub, the following is a brief review of our first saints & sinners ball...

Upon arrival we are issued with a garbage bag and ushered to the "Cloak Room" to get changed. This is in fact the lower level of the venue, bar at one end of the room and entrance foyer at the other. Its standing room only as a couple of hundred people awkwardly undress and transform themselves from mild mannered every day people into erotic, exotic creatures of the night. There are no mirrors here and it is very dark, something to bare in mind if your costume has fine detail. Clothes go into the bag and are passed over a counter for safe storage, you will be tattooed a number for collection on departure.

From here we go upstairs to level one, a dance floor with bar and many dark corners full of seating. Already at 9:30, just one hour after opening there are couples engaging in sex acts as patrons on neighboring tables watch on.
It is a very casual atmosphere and you get the impression literally anything goes here...

The next level up is another dance floor/entertainment stage, there are a couple of poles for those who know what to do with them. Here too is the "Grope Box", a small porta-loo sized contraption which has holes with and arm length gloves attached all around the sides. I don't think I need to explain what happens here suffice to say "if you don't want to be touched then DONT STEP INSIDE!"

Up we go to the roof which is an open air, beer garden style area with many tables and chairs, and a range of demonstration stands setup. These include stocks for a little B & D and a whipping rack complete with mistress who is constantly kept busy. There are temporary tattoos and of course another bar. This is the meeting area, a place where the music is not too loud and you can actually talk.

As the night goes on, more and more of the women become topless and random sex acts become frequent wherever you are. The demographic here is very much an older crowd, I don't think there was anyone under 35 and there were certainly several close to their 60's.
The people coming here are certainly of a more mature class, though there is ample security. There are NO fights, there is NO trouble and the girls we spoke to said they can dance all night without being hassled, something which certainly does not happen at traditional nightclubs!

It is a sex party but probably on 1/3 of patrons are swingers, the rest are just here for a good time. A large portion of the entertainment at these events is just watching others and admiring some of the incredible costumes.

Read more at the Sants & Sinners Website


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